Saturday, May 13, 2006

Winning a Race Without Getting Out of the Starting Blocks

The following quoted paragraph is found in an article appearing in the referenced URL. It reflects a common practice of ignoring a glaring weakness of currently accepted biological paradigms that are said to account for the "diversity and complexity of life." The paragraph is broken into parts to allow for my comments.

>"The biologist, Randy Olson, accepts that there is no credible scientific challenge to the theory of evolution as an explanation for the diversity and complexity of life on earth."

[Bradford]: Evolution does not explain either. Evidence for adaptation by means of its random mutation, natural selection model is variation within species. Examples cited are generally rapidly reproducing unicellular organisms or insects which revert to prior allele frequency when the environment changes.

Nor does it explain the origin of life. If evolution begins with a living cell then we are left without an adaquate scientific explanation as to how life came about in the first place. Evolutionists can point out that this is within the parameter of abiogenesis, not evolution, but the impotency of scientific claims about life's origins is telling given the lack of meaningful explanations provided by origin of life proponents.

As long as advocates of evolution are able to assert that chemical reactions generated a minimal functioning genome in prebiotic conditions without having to explain what those reactions were, then they have effectively immunized their theory from competition. Generation of a genetic code, which is distinct from the matter associated with its manifestation, is assumed to arise without intelligence despite the lack of evidence that it does so. The objection that secondary inferences about the "supernatural" can be made from intelligent causality enables evolutionists to eliminate the possibility of challenges a priori.

>"He agrees that intelligent design's embrace of a supernatural "agent" puts it outside the realm of science."

[Bradford]: Why not squarely face the issue of how genetic information is generated through precellular chemical reactions while leaving the supernatural arguments to theology? How is the foregoing accomplished without intelligence?


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