Friday, July 21, 2006

Darwinian Propaganda

The Viewpoint section of the website featured an on-target critique of a recent article claiming that evolution had been observed in finches. The following italicized part was taken from 'Darwinian Hyperbole.'

Why a journalist might think this constitutes evolution is not hard to understand. What is difficult to grasp is why a scientist would call it evolution. There's no speciation involved here, no reproductive isolation, no indication of an alteration in the finch's genome, no "different sort of animal," just a simple modification of the size of an anatomical structure triggered, apparently, by the unavailability of a particular food source.

This is only evolution if evolution is defined in such a way as to include any variation that occurs in a population of organisms, but such a definition renders the concept meaningless.

Exactly. This trivializes biology.

The amusing and disingenuous ploy at work in reports such as this is that they are used to support the claim that evolution is a fact.

In other words we are witnessing a ploy at promoting Darwinism.

Darwinists will argue that evolution (meaning molecules to man evolution) is as firmly established as gravity, that anyone who questions it is either ignorant or malicious, but when the public meekly requests a crumb of evidence to support that claim it's shown pictures of finches with diminished beaks. We may as well be told that since humans, because of better nutrition, have grown taller in the last century and a half, and live longer, evolution is therefore a fact.

Equating abiogenesis and evolution with laws of physics that are precisely defined and have been tested and verified repeatedly is the real indicator of either ignorance or maliciousness.


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