Sunday, October 01, 2006

Materialistic Assumptions

A post at 'The Constructive Curmudgeon' blog contains an argument responding to an argument grounded in materialism. Here it is:

1. If animal evolution is true (antecedent), then there can be no nonphysical properties in human beings (consequent).
2. Animal evolution is conceived as entirely physical.
3. Further, from the physical alone, the nonphysical cannot come. Causal principle.
4. The mind is not identical to matter. See Descartes’ and others’ arguments to that effect. These arguments appeal to the law of identity (A=A) and other logical principles.
5. Therefore (a), there are nonphysical properties in human beings (denying the consequent of (1).)
6. Therefore (b), materialism is false.
7. Therefore (c), animal evolution is not true.

Evolutionists have argued that the intellect is an emergent property of matter. It flows more from an attachment to metaphysical values than empirical results. Yes, there is data documenting causal links between physical phenomenon and thinking. There is also data indicating that our thought influences biochemical processes.

Douglas Groothuis is the thoughtful writer at 'The Constructive Curmudgeon.'


At 3:41 AM, Anonymous Mike Godfrey said...

Hi William,
this is another interesting post-this is getting a habbit!
Along with what has already been said, is the notion of inductive reasoning,which uses inference.
Any inference holds that one peice of information is about another piece of information.Infereing from a universal to a particular.If we assume,for arguments sake,that mental processes are exclusivly physical (non dualist)-that would mean inductive reasoning is state where one piece of physical matter is ABOUT another piece if physical matter.
That cannot be.


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