Thursday, November 23, 2006

Dinosaur Soft Tissue?

A velvet dinosaur visted this blog recently but a discovery in Montana may yield information about fossilized skin belonging to a well preserved duckbilled dinosaur.

A linked article describing the find: Dino Skin Preserved in Rare Fossil Find indicates that a technique, previously used to recover what looked like blood cells of tyrannosaurus rex, may be useful in recovering soft tissue in this recent find.

A snippet from the article in bold print indicates how rare and important this find may be.

Julia Clarke, a North Carolina State University assistant professor of paleontology, worked on the dig. She told Discovery News that the skin is preserved in three dimensions, which is extremely rare.

"The skin appears to have internal structures inside of the scales," Clarke said. "These could be some kind of ligament attachments."

The world of paleontology expectantly awaits further analyses related to this discovery.


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