Thursday, February 22, 2007

DNA Repair Genes

The blogpost 'A Genomic Balancing Act' at Telic Thoughts has evoked 111 comments up to this point. The website 'Why We Age' contains some good information that most readers should be able to benefit from. The following quote from the site is a sample:

"DNA repair is an integrated process whereby damage to the DNA of the cells genome is identified and then corrected. This DNA damage can occur as a result of a large number of normal metabolic activities. For example free radicals such as Hydrogen Peroxide H2O2 produced during cellular respiration can damage DNA quite severely. Also a variety of environmental factors, such as UV radiation and carcinogenic chemicals can and do result in damage to DNA."

Also available at the site is information about specific genes identified in humans which are involved in the repair of DNA. The genes are grouped according to their general function and their specific function can be specified too. Information about specific gene names and chromosome location also appear.



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