Friday, February 23, 2007

HMGA1 and p53 Mediated Apoptosis

A Medical New Today article 'HMGA1 Stops P53 In Its Tracks In Cancer Cells' discusses the roles played by proteins known as HMGA1 and HIPK2 in p53 mediated apoptosis. The article begins by noting that the overexpression of HMGA1 has been associated with human cancer. The causal link was identified as decreased capacity to initiate apoptosis- a process that brings about the death of cells.

To understand how apoptosis is influenced by the overexpression of HMGA1 one needs to appreciate the role played by the protein HIPK2 in initiating apoptosis. HMGA1 interferes with HIPK2 and this brings about the inhibition of apoptosis when it would normally be triggered. Cancer can be the end result.

Apoptosis is another sageguard against rogue DNA function caused by damage to DNA. It brings about the death of cells so that an organism can continue to live.


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