Saturday, April 14, 2007

Off Topic: Selective Media Frenzy Over Bigotry

Imus is gone after a media frenzy that involved the weighing in of moral stalwarts like Jesse "Heime Town" Jackson and Al "Tawana Brawley" Sharpton before Imus was canned. Don Imus is no favorite of mine. His remarks were as dumb as the rap lyrics containing the term "ho" that are common in the NY area where Imus' famed career was launched. Interestingly another serious incident took place in the same region and was predictably ignored by the drive by media. An e-mail from Mark Earley of Prison Fellowship alerted me to the following.

Anti-terrorist practice drills make sense in the light of 911. It was no surprise that a school district in Burlington Township, New Jersey would conduct one. What was surprising was the identity of possible terrorists. Al Qaeda loyalists were evidently too obvious a choice. So who was the enemy in this drill organized by the local police? None other than conservative Christians! We couldn't have Muslim terrorists could we? That would be politically incorrect. In an effort to make the whole thing more palatable the Christians were described as Fundamentalists. But of course.

Don't make the mistake of calling black women hos unless you are a black rapper but conflating Christians and likely terrorists- now that makes sense to those who would recoil in horror if the mock terrorists were identified as Jewish, Muslim or Buddhist. Having observed the MO of anti-IDists for years this comes as no surprise. Neither does the inattention of the media. Bigotry is not dead. If you are inclined in that direction make sure your target is a believer in Christ. It affords you much greater latitude in the exercise of your hatred.


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