Friday, April 13, 2007

A Triumph for ID

A post at Uncommon Descent entitled, 'NY Academy of Sciences peer-reviewed paper acknowledges ID proponents,' contains the following remark:

"Most Darwinists erroneously predicted that 98.7% of the DNA was devoid of function (“junk”), while the ID/ET theory correctly predicted some yet to be decoded function of junkDNA."

It is becoming increasingly difficult to find Darwinians who tout the junk DNA position. Not too long ago it was easy as the non-evidence for function was frequently brought to the attention of IDists. Oliver previously covered the junk DNA topic in this post. There is much evidence of function for what was once believed to be junk. I'll add a reference of my own.

The linked article entitled, '“Junk DNA” Creates Novel Proteins,' reports evidence that Alu elements can be incorporated into genes which encode functional proteins. The specific supporting evidence is an enzyme identified as ADAR2 which "contains 40 amino acids in its active site that are derived from an Alu element." A change in enzyme activity is linked to the Alu element.



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