Tuesday, June 05, 2007

DNA Damaged by Sodium Benzoate

Soft drink preservatives could damage children's DNA, is an article from Tajikistan News reporting of research indicating that the preservative sodium benzoate, which is used in drinks and certain foods, can cause damage to DNA found in the mitochondria. Children appear to be particularly vulnerable. When combined with vitamin C the mix can form a carcinogenic substance known as benzene. Yet sodium benzoate is naturally found in foods like cranberries, prunes, greengages, cinnamon, ripe cloves and apples; some of which are known to contain plenty of vitamin C.

Mitochondrial DNA reportedly can be damaged to the point of inactivation. Given the identification of particular diseases with malfunction of the mitochondria and the association of the ageing process with damaged mitochondrial DNA, concerns about effects of sodium benzoate consumption need to be taken seriously. Retesting of the preservative may be in order.



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