Friday, July 06, 2007

DNA Polymerase Epsilon and Genomic Stability

NIEHS researchers identify enzyme critical in DNA replication is an article focused on the importance of DNA polymerase epsilon in the replication of DNA. You can read the full but brief article at the link.

Researchers working with yeast discovered that: "DNA polymerase epsilon was found to be a key determinant of genome stability and of cellular responses to DNA damage resulting from exposures to environmental stress." Advances in our understanding of the role of replicating enzymes can help elucidate other mechanisms involved in maintaining genomic stability. These include identifying detailed functions of other polymerases having essential roles in making replication fidelity possible. One of the primary themes of this blog is emphasizing the essential nature of genomic repair mechanisms which are critical to our understanding of mutations and, of course, any natural selection process dependent on mutations to generate adaptive responses.



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