Friday, August 03, 2007

The Glycolytic Pathway

There were some exchanges at Telic Thoughts this week, involving Bradford and others, which were focused, to a large extent, on biochemical pathways. The glycolytic pathway was mentioned specifically. This is an opportunity to link to a website that is packed with information about a number of pathways. This one contains information about glycolysis.

Note the ten enzymes involved in this multi-step pathway. As the author noted, this is a highly conserved pathway and has been studied for quite some time. The fact that glycolysis is so common throughout the biological world makes it an ideal pathway upon which to focus for the purpose of evaluating evolutionary claims.

In converting glucose to two molecules of pyruvate, cells are able to draw upon energy to form molecules of ATP. The end product of the pathway- pyruvate- can yield further ATP through another important pathway; the Krebs cycle.



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