Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Design Matrix

The Design Matrix has rolled off the presses and is now being sent to those who placed initial orders. Mike Gene's book should impact discussions of intelligent design in a positive way. Undoubtedly there will be the usual in your face critics, intent on denigrating the book even if they have not read it. But for those attempting to maintain an open mind, I'm optimistic that new insights will be acquired.

It is too early to expect much in the way of feedback. However, two TTers have provided reactions at the Telic Thoughts blog. Steve Petermann wrote the blog entry And Now for Something New expressing his views about the book and bipod weighed in with this comment.

Expect some book reviews at this site in the future. Perhaps a number of them which would include blog members as well as non-members wishing to take advantage of the guest post option. For now though I'd advise readers to get hold of the book and read it. It should be worth the effort.


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