Saturday, January 19, 2008

Casey Luskin on Irreducible Complexity

At Telic Thoughts I posted this blog entry centered around an article by Casey Luskin which appeared here. Casey Luskin posted this comment. The following part of it deals with irreducible complexity. Note the reference to empirical evidence cited namely, Scott Minnich's genetic knockout experiments. (The quote appears in blue.)

Raevmo wrote: "Luskin simply asserts IC without any logical arguments or empirical evidence. Overall, Luskin's piece has nothing new to offer."

I reply: These are neither accurate nor fair accusations. This was intended to be a review of the NAS's document, not a presentation of new research. If you have criticisms, then criticize based upon the intent of the document.

Moreover, I gave arguments from Frank B. Salisbury and √ėyvind Albert Voie that contend that the cell and DNA-enzyme system are irreducibly complex. Additionally, my response to the NAS observes that "proponents of intelligent design have done experimental tests on the bacterial flagellum showing it is irreducibly complex" and I then cited Scott Minnich's genetic knockout experiments presented at the Kitzmiller trial which show the flagellum is IC. So Raevmo's charges hold no water.



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