Sunday, March 23, 2008

Blogging at the Discovery Institute

The Discovery Institute's Discovery Blog discusses issues unrelated to Intelligent Design. That's noteworthy because ID critics accuse the DI of being in the forefront of an "ID movement" which is said to be characterized by misusing science to support political and social causes. The blog is direct about its views and makes no attempt to link science to non-scientific matters. Since science blogs contain an abundance of social commentary, most of it at odds with the DI's views, it is hypocritical to denounce the DI for straying into the realm of politics and social issues without at the same time criticizing science blogs for doing the same.

The following blog entry illustrates the point. The Appeal and Folly of Anti-Business Politics discusses business and politics. PZ Myers and other anti-IDists have been known to dabble in non-scientific matters at their respective blogs. Are they criticized for using mainstream evolution to promote their social agenda?

Carping over the ID movement looks like whining over nothing. Or to put it more precisely whining because the the DI's positions are not slanted to the left of center.


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