Monday, May 26, 2008

Testing and the Designer-Centric Approach

Mike Gene posted Evidence for Design at The Design Matrix. Quoting:

Christopher Wills, a professor of biology from UCSD, and an ID critic, acknowledges that the ID hypothesis “is in principle testable.” What is most striking about Wills’s claims is that they are not indebted to the designer-centric approach. This demonstrates that, in the end, the designer-centric approach is a matter of taste and convenience, not necessity.

It is a rare ID critic who will acknowledge that one can test ID without first being introduced to the intelligent designer. Gene uses the phrase "designer-centric approach" to reference the insistence that discovery of a designer preceed discovery of the evidence the designer leaves behind.

Read the entire linked blog post of Mike Gene which contains his thoughtful comments. The post also has further links of its own.



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