Thursday, June 12, 2008

Design Inteligente: An ID Blog in Portuguese

Design Inteligente is one of the better ID blogs which has recently come to my attention. Paulo J. is the author. His blog is artfully illustrated and has a pleasing appearance. It also has substance. The primary language of the blog is Portuguese but it contains flags representing different languages which one can click on and get a translation. Let's look at one blog entry in particular which is titled O que é o Design Inteligente? which means What is Intelligent Design? That's as basic as it gets.

The blog entry links to an article by William Dembski and uses the game of scrabble to make a point about how intelligent input is recognizable. Outcomes, attributed to natural causes directed by an intelligent agency, can do what undirected natural causes cannot- place scrabble letters in meaningful sequential order. There is a clear parallel to biology. DNA is functional because its codon symbols have symbolic significance. They enable the synthesis of biologically functional proteins. The source of these molecular symbols is not explained by an evolutionary process which presumes the existence of a replicating cell. Functional cells come already loaded with meaningful order of nucleotides within codons as well as a system enabling the translation of these symbols. The sequencing of symbols, be it scrabble letters or nucleotide "letters," allows us to distinguish directed natural causes from undirected natural causes.

At the end of the blog entry appears this quote of a familiar person:

The generation of information stored and transported within systems is a symbolic indicator of design. Alphanumeric symbols have their counterparts in the field of biology - codons composed of "letters" in the form of nucleotides.

- William Bradford


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