Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Versatile Sea Urchin Genome

Sea Urchins' Genetics Add To Knowledge Of Cancer, Alzheimer's And Infertility is a Science Daily article addressing the potential medical benefits that might acrue from the study of the sea urchin. Sea urchins have been mentioned in connection with front loading at Telic Thoughts and elsewhere. Mike Gene did much to advance the case for front loading there and elsewhere. Frankly I did not give the idea much thought prior to frequenting Telic Thoughts.

Mike's influence on me and others is certainly traceable in part to his knowledge and persuasive arguments. But there is another less discussed factor. Mike's temperment and mannerisms make him ideally suited to impact others. He's not insulting or combative as all too many of those involved in discussions of Intelligent Design are. Most of the hostility is traced to ID critics although you would never know it based on alarm bells continually sounded about the ID movement.

The remainder of this blog entry is an apologetic so if you're an atheist you might as well find another use for your time. God sometimes has multiple purposes in mind which, in this case, could center around the genome of the sea urchin. The unexpected number of similar genes to those found in humans might have evidentiary value for Intelligent Design and, as the linked article indicates, for medical uses as well. Humanity is given charge over the earth's resources. We are to use them responsibly. We are also to take advantage of that which is given to us and use it for good. Sea urchin genes look to have been designed with more than the sea urchin in mind. That's consistent with the character of a loving creator.

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