Friday, November 28, 2008

A Lioness with a Taste for Italian Cuisine

Lea, the spaghetti lioness is a Creation on the Web article. Lea is a lioness who was born and raised in Italy. When she was six weeks old she was taken and cared for by Antonio Vincenzo who lived in the Italian village of Nettuno. Lea acquired the nickname "Spaghetti Lioness" by virtue of her diet. She was fed potatoes, green vegetables and cheesy pasta and managed to thrive in spite of it. But before being dubbed "Spaghetti Lioness" Lea was called the "Spaghetti Kid" because her favorite food was spaghetti, which she preferred flavored with Neapolitan sauce.

When Antonio Vincenzo could no longer care for her Lea was taken to a zoo on the outskirts of Rome. Her concrete living quarters were not ideal and Vincenzo, after years of searching, eventually located a permanent home for Lea in South Africa. Her present home includes outdoor grassy enclosures and a diet of raw meat to which she has grown accustomed. Quoting the author of the article "Lea’s new caretakers at The Rhino & Lion Nature Reserve have advised us that she was weaned from spaghetti in one week and now has ‘absolutely no problem’ with fresh red meat, which is fed to her—she does not hunt." The author also made this point (quoting):

...the Bible tells us that felines were originally created vegetarian (Genesis 1:30) and it also speaks of a time when ‘the lion will eat straw like the ox’ (Isaiah 11:7, 65:25). So, from the Bible, vegetarian ‘carnivores’ make much more sense.

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