Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Commentary at Telic Thoughts

Some comments caught my attention during recent days at Telic Thoughts. They follow along with links to them and the blog entries under which they appear.

At Telic Thoughts I wrote the blog entry Surface Appearences which produced comments, some of which I think are particularly noteworthy. The list:

This comment by John A. Designer about naturalism, free will and purpose.

This comment by Mike Gene.

This one by John A. Designer.

This one and this other one by John A. Designer.

There was the blog entry Scientism which led to some comic relief from angryoldfatman.

I like angryoldfatman's sense of humor which is also on display here.

From JJS's Design is NOT a Mechanism:

My reaction to comments of Zachriel and JJS.

Zachriel and ID guy.

The return of Rock!



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