Friday, June 19, 2009

The Origin of the Ribosome

Design Inteligente is an ID blog in Portuguese. It is a visually appealing blog with substance. O Ribosomma e a Complexidade Irredutival is a blog entry which cites the irreducibly complex nature of ribosomes and links to a YouTube video. The text quotes Harvard Medical School Professor George Church, who was recently referred to in a blog piece authored by Chunkdz at Telic Thoughts. The quote:

Portanto, a questao e, como e que essa coisa apareceu? E se eu fosse um defensor do design inteligente, seria nisso que me focaria, como e que a ribosoma apareceu?

After marvelling at the complexity of the ribosome Church asks how it came to be. He adds that if he were an intelligent design advocate he would focus on that question.



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