Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Weasel Implementation

Telic Thoughts commenter computerist wrote this in the linked comment:

Since there is much talk about weasel (plus JAD's request) I thought I'm probably missing out on all the hype and fun so to pass up on the opportunity to code a weasel implementation would be like a kid passing up the opportunity to bag candy during halloween.

Here is the external link (since I'm unable to syntax highlight/format on TT's) to the C code for anyone who is interested:

Just compile and run!

In a follow-up comment computerist wrote:

To add to my previous comment, I'm not pretending the program what Dawkins or Dawkins-fans says it should do, its a very simple latching implementation, I'm sure Dawkins-fans out there have more "realistic" implementations. Weasel type algorithms show nothing except that it takes intelligence to select potential pre-function to reach functional "targets" from the onset and that these algorithms take advantage of intelligently designed computers. If you find a weasel program/algorithm that doesn't run on top of a intelligently designed system please give me a shout. If weasel simulates evolution in any way it should also be true that the same algorithm applies to explain all the pre-existing hardware and software its running on top of.

As Dembski and Marks might put it Dawkins had to front load problem-specific information to facilitate successful searches. That in turn indicates that far from being blind, the watchmaker had 20/20 vision.



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