Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Schindewolf on Paleontology

TT commenter Daniel Smith posted a comment at Telic Thoughts containing the following remark:

Most evolutionists won't read Schindewolf because his anti-Darwinian hypothesis is so fully developed. "Basic Questions in Paleontology" is a dangerous book for the 'Darwinist' (by that I mean all those attached to modern synthesis). Schindewolf cites mountains of evidence based on decades of painstaking research. His case is devastating to the 'undirected evolutionary' mindset – so they avoid it like the plague. The nearest they will get is to read Stephen Jay Gould's foreword and consider Schindewolf's ideas refuted because Gould discounts them. I guess the argument from authority is always good enough so long as it backs up your worldview.

I have not read Schindewolf but the comment has piqued my interest. For the Wikipedia entry on Otto Schindewolf click here.

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