Sunday, May 23, 2010

Clean up Environmental Disasters- but only if your Politics is Correct

The Washington Times posted an alarming article alluding to practical abuses of unbridled political correctness. I should qualify the term alarming because censoring or punishing a scientist because his views are unacceptable to the far left is comforting to the closet fascists among us.

The article indicates that the Energy Department removed a St. Louis scientist from a consulting position. The responsibilities of that position included the pursuit of solutions to the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. The disturbing part is that the removal was said to be linked to the views of this scientist on homosexuality and race relations.

Leftist scientists are noted for leaving their brains in the lab when social issues come to light so let's spell this out. Physics professor Jonathan Katz was selected for the position because there is an environmental crisis (obvious I know but you need to drill the obvious into ideologues) and Katz's expertise was valued. In other words he could help alleviate the consequences of the disaster. We know how much leftists hate environmental harm right? Global warming, global warming, global warming...

On the other hand we simply cannot have homophobes running wild in America. And the race card? Bring out the whole deck fellows. We all know that free speech is to be tolerated only when gay rights and racial profiling agendas are treated with due homage. Bend your knee toward PC norms or be fired. I hope Katz has tenure because he's up against a powerful political clique.

A gay rights advocate was quoted as saying:

It's disappointing at a time like this that when all Americans need to come together and focus on relief efforts and recovery efforts in the Gulf, someone divisive was placed in a position of power

He admits the need to solve a crisis and to have us come together to do so. He and his fellow ideologues then throw a helpful scientist overboard because of his politics and blame "divisiveness". Divisiveness is a code word for an opposing point of view.

When Ben Stein alleged that intolerance was rampant in academia (and by logical extension academics who run the government) maybe he was on to something after all.